Dash Lively
Status: Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Sibling(s): Sister:
Agatha Lively
Arthur Lively
Played by: Film:
Matthew Dickman
Stark Sands
Films: Minority Report
Seasons: 1
Appears in: 1 film, 1 series

Dash is Precog.


After the Precrime Program was terminated, Arthur Lively and his siblings, Agatha and Dash, were sent to an island. Their records were erased and they had to promise to not intervene in the future.


In 2065, Dash, like Arthur, leaves the Island and begins his attempts to stop murders before they happen. However, after multiple attempts, he realizes that he needed a partner. He seeks out Lara Vega, a detective at the Washington D.C. Metro Police Department through discrete measures, but fails.

Lara Vega tracks Dash down to a restaurant, where she learns that he is a PreCog and decides to help him.

Behind the Scenes

Dashiell Lively was portrayed by Matthew Dickman in the film and by Stark Sands in the TV series.


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