Fiddlers Neck
Fiddler's Neck
, or sometimes known as the Island, is the location where the PreCogs fled to after the PreCrime Program was shut down. It is an island in the Chesapeake Bay, likely around St. Mary's City down to Point Lookout State Park (based upon topography) which was created due to the rising sea levels due to global warming. It is renown for its relative absence of modern technologies and more importantly, its isolation from the rest of the world.


Fiddler's Neck is originally a part of the now sunken Chesapeake Bay, due to global warming and the rising sea levels. The federal government attempted to take measures to curb the rising tides, but eventually halted all efforts, leaving the citizens of Fiddler's Neck to fend for itself.

After the Pre-Crime Program was shut down, Arthur, Agatha, and Dash relocated themselves to Fiddler's Neck to hide from the world.

The Guard

The Guard is a local militia organization that maintains law and order on Fiddler's Neck. It also enforces the Island's