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John Anderton
John Anderton.jpg
Status: Presumed Alive
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Affiliation: Department of PreCrime
Marital status: Remarried
Spouse(s): Wife:
Lara Anderton
Children: with Lara Anderton:
Sean Anderton (d.)
Unborn child
Played by: Tom Cruise
Films: Minority Report
First film: Minority Report
First mentioned: Minority Report
Appears in: 1 film

John Anderton is a former Chief of the Department of PreCrime until it was shut down in 2054. His current status is unknown.


Pre-Minority Report

Sometime in his adult life, he met Lara, got married, and had a son, Sean. One day, John and Sean visited a public pool, and played a game of who can hold their breath the longest. After Sean was able to hold his breath for a long time, John challenged him and dove under the water. However, when he rose from the water, Sean was gone. Terrified, John called his name out, trying to find him.

After a police investigation that proved inconclusive, John was unable to cope with the disappearance of his son Sean, divorced his wife Lara, and became a drug addict. He also joined the experimental Department of PreCrime, and eventually became its Chief while becoming close friends with Lamar Burgess.

Minority Report

In 2054, the Precogs generated a vision where John was going to murder a man named Leo Crow in 36 hours. John, not knowing who Leo Crow was, fled PreCrime Headquarters and was hunted down by federal agents under the command of Agent Danny Witwer.

Anderson sought out the advice of Dr. Iris Hineman, the creator and "mother" of the PreCrime Program. She revealed to John that sometimes, one of the three Precogs, usually Agatha, produced a different vision than the other two. This would have eventually been labeled a "minority report" and upon its creation, it was deleted in order to keep it a secret in order to ensure the system's credibility. Anderton, armed with this new knowledge, searched for the deleted minority reports to prove his innocence.

Anderton went to a black market doctor to have his eyes removed and transplanted in order to avoid the city's retinal recognition system. He broke into PreCrime Headquarters and kidnapped Agatha, effectively shutting down PreCrime, as the Precogs operated as a hive mind. Anderton reached a hacker in order to extract the minority report. However, there was none, and instead Agatha showed him the image of the murder of Ann Lively in 2049.

Taking Down PreCrime

Behind the Scenes

John Anderton was portrayed by Tom Cruise in Minority Report.